About Us

Our clients work long and hard, and value coming home to a Brookwood camp with amazing food, surroundings and staff.

We create your high quality 'Home away from home'.

Why We're Better For You

Fantastic Food

Our premium high quality food is incredible, since we have Chefs with Red Seal designation, the highest government-recognized standard of excellence.

Great People

Our staff take pride in taking care of our clients' needs, ensuring they have a great stay at our camps.


We have full-time management and security personnel at our camps. Your belongings and vehicles are even safer at our Gregoire River Open Camp, since we've now installed brighter lighting in our camp and parking lots.


Our clients experience a quieter, more peaceful experience at our Gregoire River Open Camp, since we use highline power instead of noisy generators. As this is a working camp, we're quiet from 10pm - 5am, ensuring our clients get the rest they need.


We take great pride in our extremely clean camps that we provide for our clients, with our complete housekeeping & cleaning services.

...and More...

Each room at our Gregoire River Open Camp, we've installed LCD satellite TVs and internet with our NETGEAR system. We also feature vehicle plugins, a rec room and fitness room....

The Secret Recipe? ...Our People!

Brookwood Camps & Catering has the capabilities to provide you with a broad range of camps and catering services for your remote location needs.
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Catering Services

We can provide catering services for your company. For more information please give us a call at 780.451.6167.