Our History

pic Brookwood Camps & Catering is the aggregation of two companies both acquired in 2002 to create a marketable full service product in the oil field camp industry.

Initially only a camp provider, The Fath Group wanted to attain a more stable market share and a higher quality product by offering both camp accommodations and premium industrial catering. In early 2002, DCR Camp Service was acquired to provide the service and maintenance component and later that year Brookwood Industrial Caterers Limited was acquired to fulfill the catering component. Together the group became Brookwood Camps & Catering.

Originally Brookwood Industrial was run out of a 1,000 square foot office in Calgary but in 2005 catering was moved to its present 8,084 square foot location in west Edmonton.

Now a premium camp & catering provider, Brookwood Camps & Catering provides Open Camp accommodations at km 274 on HWY 881, just south of Anzac, Alberta, as well as side by side drill camps for the mobile drilling industry. We presently have camps from 26 people to 550.